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Lore Creators


  • Players can submit lore to be written into the forum Lore section, as long as it ties into the planet storyline(s)

  • Minimum word count is 300

  • Should be interesting and relevant

  • Accepted submissions will qualify for points

  • Stories must be of high effort/quality, interesting and relevant. We want to reward lore that ties well into the existing Next Island Story and lore, and provide some high quality reading for anyone interested. If you would like to message me about your writing before submission, you are welcome to do so, to avoid not qualifying for the above reason

Points award: 

Lore Submission will earn 10 points per accepted submission

I will try to summaries as best as possible 

Choose one of the 4 factions, NI want to keep these four factions as equal as possible. The four factions all have their own lore, so best to read before you write. links below.

Woodland Haruspex

Stel & Resa

Elysian Loyalist

New Elysian Order

also best to brush up on your new wavers lore

NI Lore

Other conditions

  • Use an alias if needed, no weird names for example, "bootylicious, hotdog420, totalswass etc." This is to keep the realism within the stories. 

  • Written in first person perspective, about adventures on NI or AG.

(This one I'm unclear if all applies still as the community program is written text of 300 words minimum)


  • Submitted through written text, or through live stream or prerecorded role playing during gameplay

300 words or more!!

To participate you will need:

  • Character Name

  • Character Description (One Sentence)

  • Thumbnail Image of your Character on Next Island in 971x882 pixels as a .png

  • Banner Image of your Character on Next Island in 1300x300 pixels as a .png

  • Initial journal entry providing back story, and context of your path within the story of Next Island

These are to be posted in the NI Forum: Next Island Journals

Once your first submission is added to the website, you can post more to grow your lore page.

(This condition for the event your can post all needed for the month to be accepted)


Commander Bonnie
Bonnie's Lore

Captain Hector Draken
Skaya's Lore

Patrikan Habaton
Patrikan's Lore

Beni's Lore

Feng Zho
Zho's Lore


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