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VU 17.15 and patch notes

31 May 2022


A New VIP area was added, N.E.O. VIP can be found at Sypherton Gardens
4 new Weekly Missions (3 of them require the NEO vip)
Harvestable trees were added!!! with new harvesting tools.
Limited versions of the gorgon armour and Titan armour were added
Orion, a crashed ship has landed near Shoreline Flats.
A Sunken Gallery was added near Paradise Landing


A new V.I.P. area can be found at Sypherton Gardens.
3 new weekly quests can be found after entering.
Mining, with 5 new Drake Wings BPs as reward choices.
Hunting, with Skills as reward choices.
Crafting, with 2 new harvesting tool BPs as rewards.
Harvestable trees can now be found in all areas of the planet.
A weekly quest for harvesting can be found by visiting the Chef. 4 new decoration BPs are the reward choices.
An event area can be found in Ancient Greece. Chimeras and Bullmen have escaped their prisons at Thebes Market and colonists need to keep the numbers under control. You will now be able to create your own events within the area.
Blueprints have been created for (L) versions of the Augmented Gorgon, Perfected Gorgon and the Titan armor sets.
A strange downed ship named Orion and a few Portal Guardians have been spotted near Shoreline Flats. Perhaps they are protecting something?
The Sunken Gallery has appeared near Paradise Landing. More details to follow!

The Hoplite armor can now have plates attached, and the set can now be crafted again due to two new Blueprints replacing the ones that were outdated.
The Blueprint books have been changed and can be found at any Technician. The old books can no longer be used after removing the blueprints stored in them.
Since the new books will contain both UL and (L) blueprints, the text will say quality rating for all of them, even if it will mean remaining attempts for the (L) ones.
Several (mostly clothes) items will now show under a more correct auction category.
Several spawn densities have been adjusted.
Bustamite forest should no longer see drakes drowning.
The winter has finally ended at Crystal Peak!
Some small adjustments have been made to help race drivers keep on the track at Vulcan Pass.
In view of the maturing planet content, the number of new missions and future content in the works we made some changes to a couple of missions that rewards crystals.
Daily Brown Papoo and Robot Menace will now only offer Skill choices.

Patch Notes: 17.5.1


System Stablizer BPs will now correctly display under Browse when being listed on Auction
Some creature spawn densities have been increased
Misspelling in Weekly NEO Hunting mission reward text has been corrected
An exploit regarding entering mission-locked zones has been fixed
Eir UL FAP should now HoF as a Rare Item when looted

Socrates, NI Community Manager and Dev.

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