Ad ideas

Images and text on all of these can be customised, please pm me if either you would like me to arrange an image or how to send an image to me. This service is free for all shop owners, if a shop is sold this right passes to the next owner and the ad will be deleted from the shop page. All elements of each add can be interchanged along with colour schemes, please feel free to ask what can be arranged and I'll try set something up for you.  

I will number each advert so it will make it quicker to pinpoint which ads you like and what elements you want. they will all be the same size so make sure you pick wisely which features you want. 

Entropia 2021-01-12 22.10.36.png
(Text Here)
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(ad Text Here)
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Entropia 2021-01-12 22.10.36.png
Entropia 2021-01-12 22.10.36.png
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Entropia 2021-01-12 22.10.36.png