Fruit, Stone and Dung

So the question here is 

How do you find them?

Well the answer is simple, either walk, run or use a vehicle to find them on the ground. They only appear when you are close to them and spawns are seemingly random.

There are four different types of fruit

Bombardo, PapplonHaimorosCaroot

fruit is used in conjunction with sweetstuff (a mined energy matter or enmatter for short) to feed pets with. 

There are 6 different kinds of stone you can find.

Brukite, Kaldon, Nissit, Rutol, SopurTrutun.

These are used in textures. 

And only 1 kind of Common Dung

On next Island we also have one more very special item you can find on the floor. 

Broken Elysian Technology

These are rare and hard to find, but will refine into Elysian Tech Chip. These are used in some bp's.