NEW Missions

Here you will find the newest missions added with the latest VU, this is only a stop-gap so I can get you the information as quickly as possible allowing me time to create a section for them. When the next lot of mission are added I will update and provide links to where you can find the last lot of missions 

These missions now have a new home on the INSTANCES page

Loyalist V.I.P

Follow this path to the right zone (otherwise you get tped back) 

/wp [Next Island, 136487, 84238, 235, Waypoint]

Peyton is the npc waiting here to see if you are worthy

/wp [Next Island, 136558, 84235, 249, Waypoint]

Conditions for entering the building. You may only enter once the NPC has cleared you for entry. 

There are 14 Missions you must complete to enter the building. 13 of which we have worked out 

Missions NEEDED 

 Daily Stalker Challenge 

 Daily Drake Eradication 

 New Elysian Order Training 

 Crystalline Core Daily 

 Driving Test 

 Magical Flowers 

 Magical Flower Bonus Challenge 

 Lost Shipwreck 

 Daily Scouting Resources Mission 

 Solving An Old NI Mystery 

 New Clothes 

 Sneaky, Thieving Papoo's 

 Crystal Hoarder Daily 

Missions NOT needed

Stel vip Status

Moloch Depths

Gorgon shade missions (hunt, mine, craft)

Mining Irons 

Daily Mutant Boar Hunt

We are currently working on a sheet which can be editing by anyone on:

PLEASE only add to it if you have completed the mission using the Mission list (gained access tab) and use the next set of:

Missions Completed (Name here) 


Once you do make it inside...
Daily Brown Papoo Hunting
Daily Magic Flower Challenge
Entropia 2021-11-30 13.20.08.png
Entropia 2021-11-30 13.20.23.png

A Choice of either 

Coloring Skill 0.69 ped

Purpurite Crystal 15.96 ped

Tigers Eye 16 ped

Plates?? (will put these in the right order later)

Incision Plates will drop from boars, so far they have dropped from Mountain boars and Sand boars

This Information now has a new home at

Stats for Basic Plate

Cut:                4

Impact:         4

Stab:             21

Durability:   900

Items For upgrade

[Advance Sinew Adjusted]

(these drop from mobs and will need to be refined together? I assume to form neoweave)

Lesser Elysia x 300
Crystaline Core x 100
Animal Muscle Oil x 1500
Elysian Tech Chip x 1000
Chimera Heart x 50
Agate Crystal x 100
Neoweave Adjusted x 1
Incision Plate x1

Lesser Elysia x 350
Crystaline Core x 200
Animal Eye Oil x 700
Elysian Tech Chip x 2000
Amazon Leg x 100
Tiger's Eye x 125
Neoweave Improved x 1
Incision Plate Adjusted x1

Lesser Elysia x 400
Crystaline Core x 300
Animal Pancreas Oil x 50
Elysian Tech Chip x 4000
Daudaormur Skin x 40
Chlorite Crystal x 225
Neoweave Modified x 1
Incision Plate Improved x1

Lesser Elysia x 400
Crystaline Core x 300
Animal Kidney Oil x 25
Elysian Tech Chip x 7000
Onyx x 250
Zincite Crystal x 500
Neoweave Augmented x 1
Incision Plate Modified x1

Lesser Elysia x 450
Crystaline Core x 300
Animal Spleen Oil x 15 
Elysian Tech Chip x 10000
Drake Heart x 150
Phenacite Crystal x 250
Neoweave Perfected x 1
Incision Plate Augmented x1