NEW Missions

Solving an Old Next Island Mystery

Video Guide By SEVNERD

Start this mission at Conq's Rest (Was Warriors Peak)

/wp [Next Island, 132311, 95581, 602, Pyramid Statue]

Many Rumours exist about the mysterious pyramid 

located in the western desert, yet no one has been able to decypher the strange looking text covering it.

Could the almost invisible, small Screechers that can be sometimes seen in the area have something to do with it?


-Ooo, this I must investigate.

-Bah, not my cup of mystery.

-Ooo, this I must investigate.



Find the Pyramid 

/wp [Next Island, 128063, 85073, 177, Pyramid]

"Hmmm, yeah, this was not so easy to figure out. It's not even words I can Read"

"I need to find someone on this planet, someone that has been here for a very long time. 

I wonder if that lonely ape would talk to me? I remember hearing about him being somewhere in the Northeast, but never speaking to anyone."


Find the Lonely Ape

/wp [Next Island, 132470, 93891, 150, Lonely Ape]

You look like someone with an interesting question waiting to leave your lips. Most people pass me by have nothing to say that I want to hear.

But I can tell you are different.




-I'm trying to read the text on the pyramid, but there's no way for me to know even where to start!


Have you any Information that could help me?


Return to the Pyramid 

/wp [Next Island, 128063, 85073, 177, Pyramid]

Ok let's see here...

"spirits of the blue menace, this we build for you. You who seem to move through dimentions and possess others, this we build for you. We wish you now give us peace, since this was built for you." 

Hmmm, ok? Wasn't very helpful. I wonder who those birds are. 

I'll take my chances and ask that ape again.


Return to the Ape

/wp [Next Island, 132470, 93891, 150, Lonely Ape]

Ahh, no need to speak.

I know what you want to know.

I don't have the answers however, don't think anyone does. 

I would recommend  looking into any old, out of place things on the planet. 

Perhaps the cluster of pillars would be a good place to start? 

Don't recall where they are now though. 

Been standing up here for too long I guess. 

Good luck to you child. 


-Thank you for all your help, and good luck to on your... rock.


Cluster of Pillars 

/wp [Next Island, 126041, 89357, 129, Cluster of Pillars]

Magical Forest Instance 

Mission Needed: Solving an old Next Island Mystery

Items needed:

2 [Decorative Magic Flower] Full tt

2 [Cyclops Wrist Guard]

2 [Amazon Leg]

2 [Chimera Heart]


(these must be handed in EVERY time you enter)

Ghostly Screechers inhabit this realm they are Lvl 25 and drop loot from all different mobs from NI and AG

Moloch Depths Quest

This mission starts at the Haruspex Elder at Tanzanite View

/wp [Next Island, 135303, 88576, 100, Waypoint]

Greetings, human! We have been hoping to find someone from your colony



-Greetings Elder. What can I do for you?


We seek your help. A great tragedy has occurred within out realm.



-What happened?

We desired to thank your human colony for the immense suport and continual assistance you have provided,
between this planet and the interdimensional land modeled after the Old Earth's Ancient Greek civilization.
To this effect, we designed an armor set built to human specifications and needs. it's a very powerful armor, intended to protect
the wearer from variety of denizens of this and other worlds. 


-that sounds amazing! thank you, But what's the problem you need help with?


We contracted the actual formation of the armors to the Molochs in Ancient Greece, a primordial race of bullman miners.
However, unbeknownst to us, they have apparently been corrupted by the influence of the Demra, and that has persuaded
them to keep the armors. They have stolen our gift to you. 


-well thats just wrong. I'm sorry.

You may not fully understand the ramifications of this action. The molochs are very powerful, and with this armour, they may attempt to take that world,
especailly it they are under the influance of the Demra corruption. We need you to stop them, to fight them in their depths and retake the gift.


-you dont have to tell me twice, im all over it. Where do i find them?
-Nope. Big nope. Hell nope.

You will need to access the land they live in. Some conglomeration of mythological magic interpreted by the corruption that formed Ancient Greece developed into a blood sacrifice
requirement. You will need to kill some beasts, and bring certain minerals and oils in oder to be permitted into their domain. Once there, you'll need the sweat of those beasts to enter their underground demesne.


-I will go at once. I dont even like cows that much!

Hurry, human. we value this burgeoning friendship between our races, and would not see it destroyed by the demra 





1,000 Great White Sharks

2,000 Desert Crawlers

5,000 Screechers

ITEMS YOU MUST KEEP/SAVE You will need to hand these to the Haruspex Elder 


Thanks Bonnie for the information ^^

Danburite Crystal
Citrine Crystal 
Purpurite Crystal
Animal Eye Oil
Animal Adrenal Oil
Animal Pancreas Oil

Moloch Instances

Mission Needed: Moloch Depths Quest

Items needed:

1,000 Sweat Per time you enter. 

Timer is 14 hours it seems. 

Limit on team: 4 people 


Apprentice hp of the mob 2700 hp


(there is a third one not sure what its called.)