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NEW Missions

Here you will find the newest missions added with the latest VU, this is only a stop-gap so I can get you the information as quickly as possible allowing me time to create a section for them. When the next lot of mission are added I will update and provide links to where you can find the last lot of missions 

Vu upate

Important Notice

Miranda Violet Blueprint (L) and Kylon Blue Blueprint (L) have been taken away from the Bp book [NI Tailoring/Textiles]

You will still be able to click any clicks you had in the book!

They still drop from crafting at the moment but this will be switched off in a patch (as to when I'm not sure)

You will be able to loot Kylon blue and Miranda Violet on NI still so don't worry.

Npc Location for delayed Easter Egg Hunt

/wp [Next Island, 132141, 84848, 129, Caldwell]

Delayed Easter Egg Hunt

Find the Easter Eggs

/wp [Next Island, 132176, 84254, 96, Papoo Bridge]

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