NEW Missions

Here you will find the newest missions added with the latest VU, this is only a stop-gap so I can get you the information as quickly as possible allowing me time to create a section for them. When the next lot of mission are added I will update and provide links to where you can find the last lot of missions 

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Its carnival time

Roll up roll up, come visit the carnival today, an island free from the demra and built in memory of our founder. 

To start your adventure you will need to go to Carnival Entrance at /wp [Next Island, 131547, 84457, 102, Waypoint]

Talk to Dario and go to the wps for 3 Carnival ticket bps

[NI Carnival Ticket Bronze Blueprint]

Materials: 1 Crystalline core, 10 Elysian Tech Chip, 1 Chlorite Crystal, 1 Basic Metal Extractor 

[NI Carnival Ticket Silver Blueprint]

Materials: 2 Crystalline core, 20 Elysian Tech Chip, 1 NI Carnival Ticket Bronze , 1 Advanced Metal Extractor 

[NI Carnival Ticket Gold Blueprint]

Materials: 40 Elysian Tech Chip, 6 NI Carnival Ticket Bronze, 4 NI Carnival Ticket Silver, 3 Enhanced Metal Extractor 

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Entropia 2022-08-30 19.00.12.png

These pink flowers will transport you around the island easily the one next to the tp with bring you to Dionysus' Doorway

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Hero's Folly

If you pay 5 Silver tickets to get in you will find a haunted area with a mix of creatures. Be warned its a pvp area!

Clothes and costume shop

Here you will find 2 npc's one for clothes and one for costumes. you can do both missions before then you have to wait for them both to reset. For each mission you need 7 Golden Tickets, you will get a choice of bps...


-Tropical Bra (F)

-Island Bowtie (M)

-Island Wellies 

-Jungle Raincoat (C)

-Jungle Hat (C)



-Boar Tusks

-Minotaur Horns

-Cyclops Mask

Restaurant at the end of the galaxy

Here you will find a chef that will offer you food for a Bronze Ticket

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Disco Station

Here you will find a bar tender that will offer you drinks for a Bronze Ticket

Entropia 2022-08-30 19.33_edited.jpg


Here you will find a mission to kill 222 female screechers, this will give you a choice of Bumper car bp. THIS CAN ONLY BE USED ON NI

-Bumper car (C, L)

-Pink (L)

-Teal (L)

-Blue (L)

-Red (L)

-Yellow (L) 

-Green (L)

There is also as race mission for candy or corn dog

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Wet Circle

This is a sweating spot where you never have to leave, drown or kill the screecher and a new one spawns in its place. 

Touch me 2

This is a petting zoo for the pet of ni... there is one that looks about ready for halloween!

Madame Cookie

Time to get your fortune read with Madame Cookie... for one Bonze ticket she will tell you your fortune...