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NEW Missions

Here you will find the newest missions added with the latest VU, this is only a stop-gap so I can get you the information as quickly as possible allowing me time to create a section for them. When the next lot of mission are added I will update and provide links to where you can find the last lot of missions 

Vu upate

I will need to take more time to go over the details as there is a lot to cover in this vu as well as change certain mission rewards throughout the site

Next Islands first every crossover mission \o/ you can start this mission on either NI or Cyrene. 


Cyrene/NI Crossover mission

On Next Island speak to Lis near Kamba Outpost

/wp [Next Island, 126303, 89416, 155, Lis] 

On Cyrene Talk to Lt. Harris at the Supply Depot. 

Lis will ask you to look for clues in the tent. If you really want to you can interact with all the objects in the next tent over but really what you need to find is a odd box outside the tent.

/wp [Next Island, 126304, 89457, 156, Odd box]

This will give you a note that you must take over to Cyrene. 

On Cyrene you will be given 2 missions, one of which is the Cyrene's starter for the crossover the other is the NI continued quest. (I did both but the continued quest is called Stolen Secrets!) 

Reward: [A Knight's First Deed - Felt / Plush by Sir D.B. Kenzington]


I cant quite work out that some seem to have been able to get 2 plushies whereas I was only able to get one starting it from NI.  

Resa V.I.P.


New loot added to the new spawn mobs

Monkeys in the new event area can drop [Coiled Rope]

Fish (Sharks)  in the new event area can drop [Ancient Greece Storage Vase Small]

Leader portal guardians (I think please correct me) can drop: [Podium]

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