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NEW Missions

Here you will find the newest missions added with the latest VU, this is only a stop-gap so I can get you the information as quickly as possible allowing me time to create a section for them. When the next lot of mission are added I will update and provide links to where you can find the last lot of missions 

Vu upate

Important Notice

Miranda Violet Blueprint (L) and Kylon Blue Blueprint (L) have been taken away from the Bp book [NI Tailoring/Textiles]

You will still be able to click any clicks you had in the book!

They still drop from crafting at the moment but this will be switched off in a patch (as to when I'm not sure)

You will be able to loot Kylon blue and Miranda Violet on NI still so don't worry.

So many new things added!!!


We now have a fishing system on carnival island. You will need to speak with Luiza to get a bp for the fishing pole (custom option available)

Take the new flowerport to the fishing location

Getting a Pole

Hand over 7 Gold tickets

Reward choice 5 clicks:

[Bamboo Fishing Pole (C) Blueprint (L)]

[Bamboo Fishing Pole Blueprint (L)]

Entropia 2023-09-20 15.31.27.jpg

To Start Fishing

Equip your Pole

(The mission will not let you progress unless its equipped)

The Fishing pole does not decay at the moment

There are 8 fishing start points, at the moment it does not matter which one you take it from they are all the same


Trawler Crawler

Hand 1 Bronze Ticket to the Automated starting point for wannabe anglers.

Approach the lake

Once you are at the lake you can unequip your pole to sit on the chairs or stand as anywhere within the lake,

If you leave the zone the timer will cancel and reset

And Wait...

Maybe take this time to talk and socialise or craft at one of the terminals in the lake.

Max wait time 10 Mins


[Annoying Swim Shady]

[Less Common Tuna Turner]

[Common James Pond ]

[Elusive Sharkira]

[Island Wellies (M,C)]

[Island Wellies (F,C)]

[Jungle Hat (M)]

[Jungle Hat (F)]


[NI Carnival Ticket Bronze]

Two new Crafting dailies

Valentino needs her assistants.

(unsure if you need to go through the dialog before you can take the dailies)

She can be found at the Shopping District on carnival

The assistants can be found at the starting area of NI in the tailoring building

Daily Clothes Fashionista


Attempt to craft 1000 Jungle Shorts



unknown I assume skills

Daily Textures Fashionista


Attempt to craft 1000 any stone texture


0.5 Texture Engineer

New hunting missions for bps

Daily N.E.O. Hunt for Armor BPs

(needs N.E.O. V.I.P)


5,000 Death Drakes for Titan (L) Blueprint (L)

Storm Drakes for Gorgon Perfected (L) Blueprint (L)

Vulcan Drakes for Gorgon Augmented (L) Blueprint (L)

Daily Stel Hunt for Armor BPs

(Needs Stel V.I.P.)


2,500 Sharks for Aegis (L) Blueprint (L)

Great White Sharks for Apocalypse (L) Blueprint (L)


Daily Resa Hunt for Armor BPs

(Needs Resa V.I.P.)


1,000 Chimera for Arcticus (L) Blueprint (L)

New Taming Mission

Daily Taming

Location: Touch Me2 Flowerport



Tame 100 Adaptable Brown Papoo


Animal Lore 0.03 Ped

Daily Collecting for a Bronze Ticket

Location: Wet Circle Flowerport


Find Broken tech chips 31 times

Hand over 1313 of them


Bronze Ticket

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