NEW Missions

Here you will find the newest missions added with the latest VU, this is only a stop-gap so I can get you the information as quickly as possible allowing me time to create a section for them. When the next lot of mission are added I will update and provide links to where you can find the last lot of missions 


Neo vip adds 3 new missions hunting crafting and mining. All information has been moved to this page

Trees have arrived on NI check the Harvesting page for more info

There is a New tree harvesting weekly you can get from Jamie the chef near Paradise Landing

reward for this mission is a choice of 4 bps (10 clicks)

check: Weekly missions

choices are: 

Next Island Coffee Table Acacia Blueprint (L)
Next Island Bar Stool Blueprint (L)
Next Island Bar Stool (C) Blueprint (L)
Next Island Bar Blueprint (L)

New event area in AG near Pergamon called the Spartan Training Grounds.

Help round up the escaped Chimera and Bullmen from Thebes Market

Cost to set up an event is 5 ped then 2.5 ped per day you have it running. The working event terminal can be found here: [Ancient Greece, 38929, 21796, 123, Waypoint]

New Limited armour bps (yet to be discovered) for Augmented Gorgon, Perfected Gorgon and the Titan armor sets.

There is now a Tech chip rig near Shoreline flats. The ship was called the Orion. 

The Sunken Gallery has appeared near Paradise Landing. More details to follow!

There is a mission inside that will give you several limited blueprints related to the gallery














  • The Hoplite armor can now have plates attached, and the set can now be crafted again due to two new Blueprints replacing the ones that were outdated.

  • The Blueprint books have been changed and can be found at any Technician. The old books can no longer be used after removing the blueprints stored in them.
    Since the new books will contain both UL and (L) blueprints, the text will say quality rating for all of them, even if it will mean remaining attempts for the (L) ones.

  • In view of the maturing planet content, the number of new missions and future content in the works we made some changes to a couple of missions that rewards crystals.
    Daily Brown Papoo and Robot Menace will now only offer Skill choices

daily missions have been updated with the new rewards check: Daily