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Its Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Island,  not a creature was stirring... Well 0expect for the islanders. On Next Island we have a very special NPC for a Christmas mission. Rudolphina will only be active when the mission is live. 

2022 Christmas

Part 1

Cost: 1 Bronze Ticket


Find all 5 Presents in the right order. 






1 Silver Ticket

Entropia 2022-12-13 17.49_edited.jpg

Part 2


Go to White Wasteland and either solo or help to kill a shared lvl 22 portal guardian. (these are on the right side)


[Gingerbread Tent]

5 [Holiday Cookie]

[Snowy Holiday Fence Blueprint]

[Stuffed Holiday Screecher Blueprint]

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