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At the moment this program is under review, I will update when I get more information.
This program has brought a lot of people to NI and thus I will try direct some people to help out, I'm not sure how much I can help but hopefully we can get all those that are making content some recognition.

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Full details, this will be long sorry

Please see the details below regarding our Community Recognition Program and how you can earn yourself a set of Ascension Armour.

YOU NEED 50 points a month, points DO NOT roll to the next month 


Streamers are those streaming on Twitch under the Entropia Universe category. Rules:

Streams must have an average view rate above 5 people.

Streams do not have to be family friendly as such, though streams that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify

Streams that do not feature active gameplay (AFK streaming) will not qualify

Streams must take place on NI/AG

Streams must enable the “Save previous streams as videos for 30 days feature”

Video Creators

Video Creators are those producing videos for YouTube about Next Island.

Videos must have above 100 views

Videos must take place on NI/AG

Videos do not have to be family friendly as such, though videos that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify

Videos should have a “topic” to explore, and discretion will be used when deciding if content is of quality

To qualify, videos should be innovative, interesting, and entertaining, not just HoF clips.

Unedited clips of streams do not qualify, NI staff will make a final determination if videos are deemed appropriate to qualify

Event Organizers

Event organizers are those organizing public events on NI/AG

Events must be open to public entry. For example, limiting by society or specific players does not qualify (Events that form a shortlist such as “PFEU” still qualify). Events requiring certain items (such as for fashion events) are fine.

Event organizers must show a significant effort in the coordination of their events and must post event details on the Next Island Forum

Players attending events should reply to the forum thread so attendance can be more easily determined, if possible.

A minimum of 10 people must be in attendance excluding the organizer(s)

Lore Creation

Players can submit lore to be written into the forum Lore section, as long as it ties into the planet storyline(s)

Minimum word count is 300

Should be interesting and relevant

Accepted submissions will qualify for points

Community Nominations

Community Nominations is a special category for players to nominate other players monthly. This nomination should be for players that contribute non-tangibly to the planet, ie via mentorship, healing, sweat circles, new player assistance, general dedication to the planet. These nominations will be done via the forum. Players should include their reasoning for nominating another player.
The Next Island Development Team will have the final say in what will be considered positive contributions and what points should be assigned.


Streamers will earn 2 point per hour streamed

Video Creators will earn 10 points per video

Event Organizers will earn 15 points per event

Lore Submission will earn 10 points per accepted submission

50 points are required for a reward. You can only redeem 1 reward per month.
Points do not roll to the next month.

Players who redeem a reward 3 months in a row will be eligible for the Ascension Strider.
Players who redeem a reward 7 months in a row will be eligible for the Ascension Skyripper.

Process for Reward Redemption
All players who believe they may have required the correct amount of points to qualify for a reward should respond to a specially designated forum thread. We will not chase you down to find out if you qualified for a reward. You must post in the designated thread.

This post must include any relevant information such as:

Full Avatar Name

Categories you believe you have earned points in

Links to appropriate submissible content (ie. relevant Twitch stream, lore submission, YouTube video)

Any players attempting to exploit the reward system by doing things such as, but not limited to, paying for views, paying for people to vote for them, or paying people to attend events will not qualify and at our discretion may be banned from participating in the Recognition Program further.
This program is on a seven month trial period, as a test to see how it goes. This enables players to at least complete a full set of the armor if we decide to discontinue the program.
In general, be a good person who is dedicated to supporting the Next Island community and contributing in a positive manner. All reward determinations will be at the full discretion of the Next Island team. Additional points may be awarded for going above and beyond with the time and effort put into larger coordinated streams, videos, events or creative writing submissions. We have seen many of you create content, and support your fellow colonists directly in game over the years. With this program we aim to show our appreciation for your continued contributions. We look forward to awarding many of you, and enjoying what you create along with our growing community!