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Quest Writer

Write/create a story mission/quest in the spirit of the Next Island lore.

Write ONE mission each month that complies to the guidelines below.

For a mission to remain secret so that the inclusion of the winning mission is not spoiled by everyone already knowing the ending these missions can be submitted to me directly and claimed under the claim thread with reference to the submission. Please send to me on discord or here as a pdf file

The best mission submitted over the entire course of the event will be included into the game.

Disclaimer: We may opt to select no winner if none of the missions meets our criteria

It may have to be rewritten somewhat and adjusted if needed but credit will be given to the player who wrote it. I will work with the winning player and Circe to adjust or rewrite the mission(aiming for as little changes as possible). The winner will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of mission creation.

Guidelines and hints:

Read up on Next Island lore - Lore

(There are a number of videos and other information about Next Island from the time of its launch that you can also look at.)

Should your mission be in AG read up on Ancient Greek history and the myths relating to this Ancient Greece (Remember that this is an alternate version of Ancient Greece)

Having a depth of understanding of the background will help you create a better mission.

Consider your target players. f2p or depositors, lvl of player, profession etc

Missions that involve community co-operation is encouraged but not required

Lore rich missions with puzzles or mysteries using the existing environment in new creative ways is the main target but the content is up to you

A helpful video on mission writing Bad Writing - Why Most Games Tell Bad Stories - Extra Credits - YouTube

Mission Backstory

Write a backstory for your mission of 200 words or more explaining the mission itself.


Each NPC to be described in terms of male/female, name given and a short description of the person and any other relevant information.

Location where they are to be placed given as waypoint

Clothing to wear if this is relevant. Remember to stay with existing clothes.


Write out the complete dialogues for interactions with NPC’s

Dialogue must be easy to read and not long drawn out affairs

Write the mission

The entire mission step by step must be detailed in something like how a storyboard for a movie would play out (Do not need an actual storyboard though you are free to make one)


You are looking at around 1000 words all in all or more (This is a guide not a locked number)


No new content in terms of mobs, items that need modeling, clothing, dungeons, locations, blueprints or anything else I forgot to add will qualify for the win to be entered into the game.

Such submissions can only qualify for the armor piece.

Only need 1 submission per month per player

Must be detailed and comply to the guidelines above

Must be well written with good English (The game is English so please do not debate this point)

You may submit a separate mission each month or continue on with the initial mission in 7stages providing you stay with the content guidelines during each submission

New NPC’s and changes to an area may be added to your mission

For this competition no iron missions, simple go fetch missions or fedex missions will be accepted. Mission must be story based and may include a mystery to solve, or a puzzle although not required.


Quality - 9

Compliance - 9

Originality - 9

Practicality - 7

Overall Impression - 8

Total - 42

Note that we will be especially hard on this section. Mission writing sounds easier than it is so be very sure you are ready for this.


Submit the mission to me as a pdf file on discord including your full in game name and add a claim in the submission thread with your name and the mission name.


Quest Writing Guidelines

1.Adherence to game lore: The mission should be consistent with the world, characters, and rules established in the game. It should not contradict established canon or mechanics.

2.Creativity and originality: The mission should offer a fresh take on the game world and present unique challenges that engage the player’s imagination.

3.Writing quality: The mission should be well-written, with clear and concise prose, engaging dialogue, and effective pacing.

4.Character development: The mission should feature interesting characters that the player can find real

5.Gameplay design: The mission should offer a satisfying gameplay experience that balances challenge, exploration, and action.

6.Integration of game mechanics: The mission should make use of the game’s mechanics, such as combat, stealth, puzzles, or dialogue, in interesting and effective ways.

7.Flow and coherence: The mission should have a clear structure and flow that leads the player through the various tasks and waypoints in a logical and satisfying way.

8.Use of storytelling elements: The mission should make use of storytelling elements such as setting, conflict, plot twists, and resolution to create an engaging and memorable experience for the player.

9.Player agency: The mission should offer the player meaningful choices and consequences that affect the outcome of the story.

10.Overall enjoyment: Ultimately, the mission should be an enjoyable and memorable experience that leaves the player feeling satisfied and eager for more.

Register at:
CRP23 Registration Thread
Submit your Quest to Osiris on Discord in a PDF format
NI Official Osiris#8750
Add that you are claiming for a mission in the submission thread but no need to say what the mission is.


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