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Hunt, Mine, Craft for the Gorgon

These missions can all be repeated. You MUST complete them the first time round to spawn the Gorgon Shade for the first time.

Items you will get from completing the 3 missions below (these missions are repeatable)

Book of the Gorgons Shade (Crafting)

Gem of the Gorgons Shade (Mining)

Elixir of the Gorgons Shade (Hunting)

HAND ALL THIS ITEMS IN WITH SWEAT TO SPAWN THE GORGON SHADE WAVE you will only need to do this once and then it will require only sweat to spawn the wave.

Items after this are then used to upgrade the Serpents Scales

After the first time spawn you will only need sweat to start a round. 

Crafting my Future

There are 12 stages for crafting. The stages can be found below in the tabs

Crafting My Future
Mining For The Gorgon

Mining for the Gorgon

There are 8 stages for mining. This is a progress bar, so just by mining and extracting you will progress this. 

Hunting for the Gorgon

Hunting for the Gorgon

There are 8 stages for hunting. The Stages can be found in the tabs below

Still working on this. I need more information 

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