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Video Creators are those producing videos for YouTube about Next Island.

  • Videos must have above 10 Likes and 100 Views

  • Video must be Linked to our YT Channel 3 in the description.

  • Videos must take place on NI/AG

  • Videos do not have to be family friendly as such, though videos that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify

  • Videos should have a “topic” to explore, and discretion will be used when deciding if content is of quality

  • To qualify, videos should be innovative, interesting, and entertaining, not just HoF clips.

  • Unedited clips of streams do not qualify, NI staff will make a final determination if videos are deemed appropriate to qualify

  • A single video may only be submitted once, but you may submit any video that has been published during the Community Recognition Program cohort. For example, you may publish a video in April, and by May it has enough likes to qualify, therefore you can submit it for May. This should give you more opportunity to gain organic views and qualify. We will also accept videos you have posted One Month both before and after the cohort too (thus, March and November)

Points award: 

Video Creators will earn 10 points per video

Youtube Channels to Check out


Dr Girlfriend

Send me some channels in game so I can add them here for people to go check out. IGN Pollianna cat1000er Fairling.

PLEASE REMEMBER to log your points at:
Reward Redemption Thread


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