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Video content refers to recorded and edited video posted on a site such as Youtube.

Video content created thus far has been impressive and this has shown us the level of content creation Entropia players are capable off.

Types of videos

The following video types are to be created and submitted. Only videos within these categories will qualify.


A complete instructional guide on for example mining. Explaining the tools, depths, enhancers etc.

Mission walk through

A step by step guide and commentary on a specific mission. If you already completed the mission that is not a problem as long as you follow the same steps as you did originally and show the dialogue as static images

(Suggested to use static dialogue images for clarity and completeness of walkthrough. This is mostly available and if not always free to get a player to do the run through and take screenshots. Be as detailed as you can be to avoid having your video rejected due to incorrect information being shown)


A promo video for an event to be held on Next Island

Or a promo video for Next Island(Note that this topic is by no means forced. If you think this is not good don’t do it)


Recorded activities in game edited and narrated to make a story

Music Video

Make a music video of an event in game or creating new music related to NI added to NI scenes

Video must be between 5min and 25min

Exceptions will be considered if you can support a valid reason for it. Shorter or longer.

Videos must have above 10 Likes and 100 Views to qualify

Videos to be tagged using #NextIsland and #CRP

Video title and description to clearly show what type it is and what mission or event etc it covers

Use one of the Next Island media links as supplied in the media package

Videos must take place on Next Island or Ancient Greece although short parts in the space or elsewhere as would be part of a trip is allowed.

Videos do not have to be family friendly as such, though videos that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify

Gameplay videos does not qualify for CRP ‘23. Gameplay falls under streamers.

Unedited clips of streams do not qualify, NI staff will make a final determination if videos are deemed appropriate to qualify

A single video may only be submitted once, but you may submit any video that has been published during the Community Recognition Program. For example, you may publish a video in April, and by May it has enough likes to qualify, therefore you can submit it for May. This should give you more opportunity to gain organic views and qualify. Any video created and posted for the event from 1 month prior to start until the end of the event will count. Scoring remains open until 1 month after the end of the event for videos posted to gain their required number of views and likes.


Videos that is deemed to qualify by NI Staff will then be scored based on likes and views.

Creativity - 5

Audio visual quality - 5

Content quality - 5

Public review - 5 (100 views and 10 likes)

Bonus points for 200 views and 20 likes will receive 10 points

Videos that exceed 500 views and 55 likes will receive 22 points

Youtubers taking part

Karael Zexceed

Register at:
CRP23 Registration Thread
Submit your videos on the reward redemption thread:



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