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Stel V.I.P.

Stel are the toughest warriors of Next Island, you think you're tough enough to roll with those in the Stel HQ? Well we are about to find out...

This mission starts at Oasis Outlook walk South to find a televator down, Gert is waiting for you!

Are you ready to take on the long journey to your quest for glory? Better be prepared its a three part mission. 


Time to get crafting... The island tourists need their order of shirts! Don't worry you wont have to make 500, more like attempt it 500 times. Who know you might end up with 500 shirts or shredded fabric. Doesn't matter if they are female or male.


Attempt 500 Island Shirts.

Note: This bp you will only get once now so if you've for some reason TTed it or sold it seek out the help of the islanders


If it wasn't obvious by the shark gang at the top of this page then I'll clear this up you must hunt down 1,000 Island Sharks only the ones named Island Shark will count you can find these West of Ajoite Ridge


Kill 1,000 Island Sharks

Note: Its kills that count so smaller sharks, such as Young-Mature, are quicker to kill for this mission.


You better be ready to cry a lot from this mining run... Once you've started you'll be asking yourself 'why am I doing this again.'

This will not only test you mining knowledge but also your sheer determination to finish this long journey and be accepted into the Stel HQ as a honorary V.I.P.!


50 Mining Claims, must be Next Island Ores/Enmatter and the claim must be 3 ped or above to count (size (5) in mining)

Note: This was the hardest mission for me, the only advice I can offer you is this...



1. Don't give up, it will progress!

2. Use a finding amp to increase your claim size. 

3. Look for only ores, there are more NI ores than there are enmatter. (3 ores and only 1 enmatter) 

4. If you can stomach it, mine in the pvp lootable zone in ag, Its a risk but you'll find NI ores there. If not, you may have to ask frequent miners on advice where to mine. 

You're a V.I.P.!!

If you've made it this far, congratulations and welcome to the Stel V.I.P. Club! Now time for your rewards right?


Access to the Stel Building, this has 2 daily missions for you to do. Robot Menace Daily & Mutant Boar Daily.

  • 80 Ped Universal Ammo

  • 100 clicks of Skyripper Loyalist (L) Blueprint (L)

  • 0.81 Ped Perception

Daily Mutant Boar Hunt


Kill 500 Mutant Boar


5 Clicks of Scavenger Skyripper (L) Blueprint (L)

Robot Menace DAily


Hunt Portal Guardians/C.A.R.E. (Kill progress bar.) Roughly around 1,000 Portal Guardian Young


0.59 Ped Skill Choice of

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