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Resa V.I.P.

You think your ready to hang with the scavengers? Well first you must learn the scavenger way. You ready to start gathering materials the Resa way? 

This VIP will see you gathering materials all over Next Islands. You will need a lot of patience for this mission. There are 4 parts to this mission. 

First lets talk to Glenn at Kamba Outpost. 

Entropia 2022-11-26 16.29.48.png
Getting Resa V.I.P. Access

Stage 1

If you have Completed Crystal Hoarder 1 time you will complete this stage if you have not see: Crystal Hoarder

Stage 2

Gather 2,000 Points of harvesting. You will need to cut trees to complete this.

Check the: Tree Harvesting for tree locations and guide

Stage 3 

Gather 300 Fruit, 100 Stones and 50 Dung.

Tip: The best place to do this mission is Shatterrock. 

Guide on fruit/stone and dung can be found here: Fruit, Stone and Dung

Stage 4

Refine 5 ped TT of items in a refiner. (This can be anything like Ores or enmatter.)

Tip: DO NOT do sweat crates for this one as its TT value of the items you are refining.

Once you get back to Glenn you will be officially welcomed into the cool tent.

Repeatable Missions

Resa Boar Daily


Hunt (Choice between)

Option 1: 700 Village Boar

Option 2: 200 Wild Boar

Option 3: 50 Sand Boar.


(no matter which option you choose the reward is the same)

A choice of:

0.50 ped of Inflict Ranged/Melee,

0.50 ped Electrokenisis

0.50 ped Tailoring

Daily Resa Mining


Mini NI ore/enmatter 25 times 1 ped claims or above.


A choice of:

0.25 Mining

0.25 Mineral Sense

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