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\o/ Events Are Here \o/

Put your hands in the air events are here!

You will probably see on the event List that there are several event areas on NI and AG 

Though only 2 will work at the moment

  • Spartans Training Ground

  • The Pit

EVENT TIMES LISTED AS MA TIME (calendar is in uk time but the times are listed for MA)

Set Events on Next Island

We have 2 set events on Next Island. Set events run on a schedule. 

Special events are sometimes one off's but some may be repeated in the future. 

There is also a warp that runs every Sunday.

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Sweating Support Initiative happens Daily come rain or shine.

Hosted by B.I.G Industries they provide players under 41 agility the opportunity to sell 1k sweat for 2.5 ped.

(maximum of 10 players can sell 1k only

21.00-22.00 Weekdays

15.00-16.00 Weekends


/wp [Next Island, 136868, 83416, 106, Crystal Peak Teleport]

Entropia 2021-04-06 15.43.08.png


This event happens every Sunday. 6 Hunters are chosen at random and given a gun and free ammo for the hunt. Times are subject to change. This hunt is for fun and skills, so no complaining about bad loot.

To register follow this discord link: PFEU or contact the host in game.

For more information visit PFEU Team Hunt

Registration time usually at 17.30 MA (in game time) subject to change.

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