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Special Events

I will try to cover as many events as possible here but I am mostly on Next Island so event's here will mostly be on Next Island or our closest Planet Toulan.

Up coming events

Hunting Event: Elysian Supply Cache

Date: 15th Feb-15 March

The Elysian Loyalists have decided to open their equipment cache to reward all second wave colonists for their assistance in strengthening the colonies of Next Island. Suit up and join your fellow colonists in claiming your share of the cache! Clearing a path for additional colonization of Next Island, those who wish to reap the rewards of this event will need to quell the populations of select creatures on Next Island.

Event Time:
00:01 February 15th 2022 to 23:59 March 15th 2022

Each of the highest 300 qualifying hunting globals at the end of the event period will count as a single point. The 50 players with the highest points will receive their share of the cache based on the amount of points they obtain. Ties will be decided by the highest single loot between two hunters with equal points. The event will be tracked live by the Entropia Life event system, and verified at the end by MindArk.


  • Team globals will not qualify.

  • Shared loot mobs obviously will not qualify unless killed solo, (thus appearing as a normal global)

  • Register for the event on the Entropia Life Event 31 to track your real time score. All qualifying globals will be tracked for this event.

  • We will also accept screenshots posted to this thread in the event that you believe EL has not recorded a valid global, though we do not anticipate this to be necessary.

Qualifying Creatures:
Desert Crawler, Great White Shark, Sand Boar, Centaur, Snow Drake, Vulcan Drake, Death Drake, Storm Drake, Steropes, Myrinian, Daudaormur (Not Enslaved),

Pertaining to placement.

  1. Perfected Daudaormur Fang

  2. Perfected Daudaormur Fang

  3. Perfected Daudaormur Fang

  4. Perfected Daudaormur Fang

  5. Perfected Daudaormur Fang

  6. Augmented Daudaormur Fang

  7. Augmented Daudaormur Fang

  8. Augmented Daudaormur Fang

  9. Augmented Daudaormur Fang

  10. Augmented Daudaormur Fang

  11. Modified Daudaormur Fang

  12. Modified Daudaormur Fang

  13. Modified Daudaormur Fang

  14. Modified Daudaormur Fang

  15. Modified Daudaormur Fang

  16. Modified Daudaormur Scale

  17. Modified Daudaormur Scale

  18. Modified Daudaormur Scale

  19. Modified Daudaormur Scale

  20. Modified Daudaormur Scale

  21. Apocalypse Harness (M)

  22. Apocalypse Harness (F)

  23. Apocalypse Thigh Guards (M)

  24. Apocalypse Thigh Guards (F)

  25. Apocalypse Arm Guards (M)

  26. Apocalypse Arm Guards (F)

  27. Apocalypse Shin Guards (M)

  28. Apocalypse Shin Guards (F)

  29. Apocalypse Foot Guards (M)

  30. Apocalypse Foot Guards (F)

  31. Aegis Harness (M)

  32. Aegis Harness (F)

  33. Aegis Thigh Guards (M)

  34. Aegis Thigh Guards (F)

  35. Aegis Arm Guards (M)

  36. Aegis Arm Guards (F)

  37. Aegis Shin Guards (M)

  38. Aegis Shin Guards (F)

  39. Aegis Foot Guards (M)

  40. Aegis Foot Guards (F)

  41. Scourge Harness (M)

  42. Scourge Harness (F)

  43. Scourge Thigh Guards (M)

  44. Scourge Thigh Guards (F)

  45. Scourge Arm Guards (M)

  46. Scourge Arm Guards (F)

  47. Scourge Shin Guards (M)

  48. Scourge Shin Guards (F)

  49. Scourge Foot Guards (M)

  50. Scourge Foot Guards (F)

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