Special Events

I will try to cover as many events as possible here but I am mostly on Next Island so event's here will mostly be on Next Island or our closest Planet Toulan.

Missing emissaries

The Entrolympic committee sent a team of emissaries to Next Island.
The group consisted of 3 Scientists, 2 Body Guards, 1 Pilot and an Asclarias named Entrolympics.
Their mission was to analyze the environment of Next Island and gather information to prepare Entrolympic Events 2022, but they disappeared and any contact with them suddenly stoppped.
The Asclarias Entrolympics continues to send low-intensity encrypted signals, our specialists will be able to tell us approximately its position Wednesday, March 17 at the SSI in Next Island.

The Entrolympic committee believes that the group has been attacked by Boars, and is launching a hunt.
- Hunt all forms and maturity of Boars (Mountain Boars, Mutant Boars, Sand Boars, Village Boars, Wild Boars) in Next Island, so that specialists can perform autopsies and find important elements of the mission in the stomachs of the boars mobs.

Join the search at: Missing emissaries

Up coming events


Watch this space more random planet sages to follow, I think 

Over, but there will be another one!