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N.E.O. V.I.P.

Well... You think you're good enough to roll with the New Elysian Order, we shall find out! You'll need to gather a few crafted items and a lot of Elysian Tech Chips, who knows what the N.E.O. will do with them?

Getting N.E.O. V.I.P. Access

You will need several crafted items to gain access to the V.I.P. area you will hand these into the gatekeeper. The N.E.O. require a payment (in the form of items) to gain access to their underground HQ


You will be given 4 UL blueprints as a reward

[Drake Egg Replica Ignis Blueprint]

[Drake Egg Replica Arcticus Blueprint]

[Drake Egg Replica Acid Blueprint]

[Drake Egg Replica Tempest Blueprint]

Along with access to the VIP area


Egg Blueprints require

10x Drakescale

(Depending on the egg you're making)

10x Wool

10x Lesser Elysia

600x Wood Shavings

Weekly Missions

Once you have access to the V.I.P. Building it will unlock 3 weekly Missions these will be in the form of Mining, Hunting and Crafting.

Daily Missions

You will also Unlock 1 Daily mission


Mining Tasks will be assigned randomly. Whichever Ore or Energy Matter you get you must mine 100 points of it. 

The reward is for 10 clicks of Drake Wings Blueprint!!!!!

There are 5 choices of wings in total 

 Ignis, Arcticus, Acid, Tempest or Customisable

drake wings all.jpg
Entropia 2022-06-01 09.12_edited.jpg

You will have been given 4 drake egg bps. 

For this crafting mission you must attempt to craft the egg blueprint 50 times 


The reward for this mission is 10 Clicks of

[Reaper II (L) Blueprint (L)]

[Reaper III (L) Blueprint (L)]

reaper l bp.jpg

For hunting you must hunt 1,000 Chimeras


Choice of skills (1 Ped):

Mechanics, Concentration, Medicine and Material Comprehension

Drake Hunting

For Drake hunting you must hunt 400 Drakes of any kind or maturity


200 Bloodstone Crystal 18 ped

500 Phenacite Crystal 10 ped

500 Bustamite Crystal 15 ped

200 Citrine Crystal 14 ped 

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