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At the moment there aren't many Ancient Greece Missions but you will find some Next Island missions send you to Ancient Greece. 

You Must Complete Deliver us from the Dark Queen to enter the gorgon wave area and which will be needed to accept the shade missions 

The Three items you get from the Shade's, hunt mine, craft Missions are used in conjunction with sweat to start the gorgons shade wave for the first time. After this it is used for upgrading the Serpent Scale

To Tame Asclarias
Daily Praetonium Challange

See Daily Missions

Falcata Mission Chain

Must be completed in this order.

Meeting the Gods

Note: For meeting the Gods mission you must talk to the NPC: Penthesilea, Captain of the Amazon Guard at the stair twice before finding Creon, Archon of Thebes 

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36258, 20524, 146, Penthesilea Captain of the Amazon Guard]

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36312, 20686, 186, Creon Archon of Thebes]

This Starts at Orpheus Cave Ancient Greece Side. 

Talk with the Elder 

Looking at distant pasts


Reward: Falcata

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