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Loyalist V.I.P.

Are you worthy to be called a Loyalist V.I.P.? Well Peyton is waiting for you to come prove your worth. (This Mission is based on which missions around Next Island you have completed)

Follow this path to the right zone (otherwise you get tped back) 

Peyton is the npc waiting here to see if you are worthy. You MUST speak to him every time you want to try gain access.


Get Loyalist V.I.P. Status


Welcome Traveller.

Behind me is our special house, reserved for those that have extensive knowledge and experience of this planet.

If you are one of those, you're welcome inside.

Otherwise you will need to go and explore some


Let me have a look at your records...

-"Please do."

-"Oh, no need to do that. I'll just be on my way."


Get Loyalist V.I.P. Status


Nope, not yet. 

-"Alright off to explore some more then."

You have failed to convince Peyton and must complete more Missions to enter. 

Jump to mission needed



Get Loyalist V.I.P. Status


Yes you are clearly qualified.

Welcome in!

-"Thank you!"

You may now enter the building and take full advantage of what it means to be a Loyalist V.I.P. Welcome to the club!

Jump to Mission in the V.I.P. Building

Conditions for entering the building is that you MUST have 14 missions completed and have talked to the NPC Peyton to gain access. 13 of these missions the islanders have tirelessly worked together and figured out  

Missions NEEDED 

 Daily Stalker Challenge 

 Daily Drake Eradication 

 New Elysian Order Training 

 Crystalline Core Daily 

 Driving Test 

 Magical Flowers 

 Magical Flower Bonus Challenge 

 Lost Shipwreck 

 Daily Scouting Resources Mission 

 Solving An Old NI Mystery 

 New Clothes 

 Daily Lesser Elysia Challenge

 Daily Multi-Faction

 Crystal Hoarder Daily 

Missions needed
Once you make it inside...
Missions in te building

Daily Brown Papoo Hunting


Hi there,

My name is Winda and I've been assigned to oversee the Brown Papoos that have been spreading lately. You may help if you wish? 

They have been spotted just outside Serpentine Village and if you take care of 2000 of them, regardless of where, I can give you a small reward. 

What do you say?


-Sounds simple enough, I'll do it.

-Not right now, but I might come back.


Kill 2,000 Brown Papoo


A choice of:


  • Machinery Skill

  • Genetics Skill

  • 0.69 Colouring Skill


Daily Magical Flower Challenge


Ah, you're interested in some of our new decorations maybe? 

I'll let you choose from some of our creations if you complete a task for me. 

When the world gets darker, we need to have more flowers! 

So go try and make some, then come back and see me.


-No problem.

-Not right now.


Attempt to craft 50 Magical Flowers


A choice of a 5 click bp:

-Cactus Big

-Cactus Small

-Island Beer

-Stone Path Grey

-Stone Path Red

-Stone Path Green

-Loyalist Fence Complete

-Loyalist Fence Long

-Loyalist Fence Short

-Palm Tree Pink

-Ancient Greece Banner

-Luminescence Stalks Pink 

Jump to BP Materials

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