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This is Halloween

Halloween happens but once a year and here on Next Island we have a very special NPC for a halloween mission. Katya will only be active when the mission is live. 

2023 Halloween


Cost: 5 Silver Tickets


Stage 1

One of these

Loot 1 sweat
Craft anything 
Loot 1 shrapnel
Kill a player
Mine anything
Kill any creature
Refine anything

Stage 2

Hunt a PARA or help to hunt

(they are dev spawned and are spawned near tps)

Lvl 95 (need a team)

Lvl 20 (can solo)

They do shrap/cut/pen


[P.A.R.A. Lollipop]
[P.A.R.A. Light Lollipop]
[Solid Fart Treat]
[Boar Barf Treat]
[Jack-o-Lantern Cyclops]


50 clicks of Time Travel Crystal Blueprint (L)

5 [NI Carnival Ticket Bronze]

2022 Halloween

This mission was live for only 1 week.


Cost: 5 Gold Tickets


Hunt, mine or craft 1 time of specific items/mobs (these at first were not made known but later a list was posted.)

Mining: Crude oil, Lysterium Stone

Crafting: Lesser Elysia, Block Chisel, Decorative Magical Flower, Crystalline Core

Hunting: Yellow Papoo, Brown Papoo, Red Papoo, Grey Papoo, Bullman, Cyclops, Mutant Boar, Mountain Boar, Puny Screecher, Village Boar.


(females got female version and males got male versions)

[Bloody Axe] 

["I am alive!" Shirt]


[Helen Venture’s Walking Stick Blueprint]
[Fine Lens Blueprint]
[Island Shirt (C) Blueprint]
[Athenian Tunic (C) Blueprint]
[Athenian Head Scarf (F,C) Blueprint]

100 clicks of [Tropical Shades Blueprint (L)]

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