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Sweat is used for pretty much everything on Next Island, and thus our sweating community was born.

Here are a few locations to either sweat it alone or places where you may find a group of people waiting to sweat. Please follow this channel: /join #nextisland as people will usually post a sweat circle there. 

Polite Notice: If you see someone sweating a mob DO NOT shoot it unless you have permission.


Mobs only have a limited amount of sweat per mob, this is usually equal to its heath points. (you can work this out yourself by scanning a mob, its health is its stamina x10)

There are 3 ways to get rid of a dry mob. (that I know of)

Swunt it 

This term you will com across in game. It's just a combination of sweat and hunt. After a mob is dry you kill it. 

Turret it

On NI our turrets can usually be located near tp's and some buildings. They sometimes look differently but they will all kill a mob you bring to it.

Last but by no means least

Drown it.

If a mob is near water, and isn't a flying mob you can usually lure it to the water and drown it. 

In a group

You may be asked to join a KT, this stands for kill team. You may wish to ask the team if there are any rules, usually to keep things even loot wise team members will decide to use similar damage guns.

Group Sweating

Entropia 2021-01-12 19.08.16.png


Sparta is a great place to start for group sweating. There are two main group spots at Sparta. 


As seen in this photo.

Cyclops don't cause too much damage while sweating in a group so can be done even by new players. You'll usually find players sweating here that you can join.  

Sweat spot can be found here:

/wp  [Ancient Greece, 35511, 19412, 148, Cyclops Sweating]


Bullmen can be found by walking straight ahead from the Sparta tp. Usually when the circle has a lot of people they move to Bullman.

Sweat Spot can be found here:

/wp [Ancient Greece, 35718, 19100, 138, Bullman Sweating]


Crystal Peak Teleport

At the daily SSI event you will find a large group sweating. This happens from

21.00-22.00 on WEEKDAY'S

15.00-16.00 on WEEKEND'S 

Usually you can find a pre-sweating circle going half and hour to an hour before the event.


Also Recently you can find players sweating here due to the Heal Revive Station, HE.R.S. for short (I will make it a thing!!) 

Solo Sweating

Paradise Landing

At Paradise landing there are three mobs easy for new members, these being, yellow papoo, mountain boar piglet and screecher puny. 

Entropia 2021-01-12 21.08.38.png
Entropia 2021-01-13 15.59.24.png

Papoo Village

Here you will find mountain boar piglets and screecher punys. There is a daily piglet hunting mission near by (see Sebastian's Find in the Daily Missions tab) so swunting these maybe a nice option.

Entropia 2021-01-13 17.30.54.png

Don't fancy group sweating at Sparta

If group sweating isn't your thing, there are some lower level Cyclops to the North/North-West of Sparta 
/wp [Ancient Greece, 35296, 19710, 125, Solo at Sparta]
(copy and paste this in game to get a waypoint)
some can also be found near Olympia.

/wp [Ancient Greece, 34964, 20195, 101, Solo at Olympia]

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