If you have just woken up on the shores of Next Island, you'll probably find yourself at Crystal Peak. (This may change). And if you have just flown in you'll find yourself at Paradise Landing. This will be the beginning of our tour.

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NI Born (Crystal Peak)

So now here's the only downside right now, you have to work your way backwards. At least from what I've seen, NI new borns spawn at Crystal Peak. So here's where you have to go to start the beginner mission. From the beach, head to this televator.


Make sure to add teleporters as you go, these will be useful. (To do this just run over the teleporter and it will be added to your map. TP for short)

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Now its time to head towards Crystal peak. Climb the stairs and find a set of stairs on your left that head downwards.

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Along this path you will cross ways with one of our NI tameable pets, Adaptable Brown Papoo. Tameable pets have hearts next to their health, a heart with an X through it you cant tame just yet.

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Once you have crossed over our bridge you will find another set of stairs leading to the Paradise Landing Beach area. Follow the path towards the buildings.

These Buildings we will come back to, first lets meet the welcoming committee near the Paradise Landing Teleport.

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Keep following the path till you reach the televator.

You can either take the televator or the stairs up to Paradise Landing. This is where we will start our adventures.

Welcome To Paradise Landing

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Welcome to Paradise, I mean Paradise Landing, lets go meet the welcoming committee. Talk with this NPC to begin your adventure.

Lets head to the beach, maybe get a tan. 

There are two ways to get to the beach. I would recommend using the televator, but hey why not take this chance to climb all the stairs to the bottom. 

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Follow the path until you reach the buildings. 

Here you will find your mining, hunting and crafting missions. These missions will give you:

A gun and ammo 

Your first finder with probes and a refiner! (Usually you have to buy them from the trade terminal, TT for short, but on Next Island you get one for free!)

You will also get a healing tool and if you hand over 50 animal hide you will also get a jumpsuit.

I also believe here you will get your first blueprint (bp for short) Lesser Elysia.

Do these missions at your own pace. 

On the roof these building you'll find a chef. She will offer you a mission to find fruit, stones and dung. These items are found on the floor so keep your eye out for them.

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On your way to Crystal Peak you will notice a black path on the floor. This is a race track! This mission is meant for the Strider MK.I (L).

(It is advised to do this mission with the Strider before exploring as the Strider decays quickly when hit by mobs)

Which you will get in a minute. So lets press forward to Crystal Peak. Follow the path and climb the stairs.

SHARKS, you have been warned. There are sharks in the water!

Next to this alarming sign you will find the most helpful NPC ever, simply named: Information Officer, he will guide you on all things Entropian.

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Follow the path until you reach this pretty crystal cave. These long winding stairs will lead you up to Crystal Peak.

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Welcome to Crystal Peak, here you will find the next set of NPC's to have a chat with. Do these missions in you own time. No need to rush.


Head down the televator, and head North. You will see this so you'll know you are going in the right direction. This is our local and ONLY pet station. This you may want to look further into how it all works. For now we are going to meet the famous Cartographer!

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Entropia 2021-01-12 22.24.21.png

The Cartographer

Want a daily mission, or just to explore the beautiful place that is Next Island, then this guy is your man. You can accept all his missions, but the one that will give you a free strider is called, Visit Resa Docks.

Once you have your strider, head back the way you came and we will move to Crystal Bay.

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Head South-East towards the water. We will follow the shore line to reach Crystal Bay.

Welcome to Crystal Bay. Here you will find some player shops. Feel free to explore them.

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Our short beginners journey has come to an end. Here by the fire pit you will find some NPC's that need your help. One will even trade 20 wool for an UNLIMITED COLORATOR! 

Feel free to explore all that Next Island has to offer. Also check this wiki link for a list of Next Island missions: NI Missions.

Feel free to join me on my next tour. How To Get To Ancient Greece! Where you can pick up a FREE FALCATA! Unlimited sword!!