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Event Organizers


No sweat events.

Sweating can be included as part of a bigger event as long as only a small portion of the event is committed to sweating.

Advertise your event on the forum with a post well before the event giving a time and date of the event and description(not in the submission thread) and include a link to this post when you claim in the submission thread (We may want to some view your events)

Your event must be unique. Post your intended event in the submission thread. In the case of duplicates speak to me to resolve.

Events must be open to any player

A given event may only be submitted by one player. Exception: Larger events coordinated in advance

Event organizers must show a significant effort and investment of time and or costs into their event

Event organizers must take appropriate screenshots of their event, and post them in the thread created for the event to act as evidence. These should include timestamps (by pressing the period key in-game) and showing the players in attendance.

An event must be a minimum of 30minutes to qualify (Races or short hunts will need some creativity to be made longer)

No events that are for the CRP will get any developer assistance(If a dev shows up for such an event it is simply to witness)


Forum advert - 4

Attendees 5 to 9 - 3

Attendees 10 to 15 - 10

Attendees 16 to 25 - 15

Attendees 26 to 41 - 21

Attendees 42 and up - 42 points


You may use the same event during the entire CRP, you are not required a new event design every month

A race is not always the same as another race. Therefore many races may qualify but for example only 1 person may run bumper-car races on the Carnival Island racetrack.

Links needed: NI Forum-Events

if you want me to add your event or if you are planning an event schedule please let me know. I will try to attend all events to help boost numbers, but dont be upset if I cant make them or you made them too last minute and not a lot of people see it. Please also be mindful that we have player made events already running, so do not clash with these.  

Register at:
CRP23 Registration Thread
Submit your events on the reward redemption thread:



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