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Event Organizers


  • Events must be open to public entry. For example, limiting by society or specific players does not qualify (Events that form a shortlist such as “PFEU” still qualify). Events requiring certain items (such as for fashion events) are fine.

  • Event organizers must show a significant effort in the coordination of their events and must post event details on the Next Island Forum

  • Players attending events should reply to the forum thread so attendance can be more easily determined, if possible.

  • A minimum of 10 people must be in attendance excluding the organizer(s)

Points award: 

Event Organizers will earn 15 points per event

Links needed: NI Forum-Events

if you want me to add your event or if you are planning an event schedule please let me know. I will try to attend all events to help boost numbers, but dont be upset if I cant make them or you made them too last minute and not a lot of people see it. Please also be mindful that we have player made events already running, so do not clash with these.  

PLEASE REMEMBER to log your points at:

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