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Streaming of gameplay is a great way to get others to see the game and possibly wish to try it out. Also a great way for those who already play to see what others do or how the game can be or how an uber hunt looks etc.

So for streaming we are looking for game play streams.

That means actively hunting or mining or running a mission.

Additional point. Stream must be interesting and entertaining. Simply standing there grinding mob kills for hours is not interesting. Yes I understand that is the game but stretch your imagination. There are streamers who make their streams interesting.

Taking part in events or covering an event will also qualify as long as the event complies to the rules of CRP ‘23 and your stream qualifies in terms of your activity as host and time spent streaming

Craft runs will not count for this unless it’s a short part of the video. (no more than 10% of the stream time to be spent crafting

Fruit running not accepted

Streamers are those streaming on Twitch under the Entropia Universe category.

Streamers must be affiliate or reach affiliate during the time of CRP in order to qualify. Failing to do so before end of CRP may disqualify all your streams submitted.

This also means compliance to affiliate rules for your streams


Collaboration streams will be allowed with a max of 2 streamers able to score points. Additional points will be looked at for a collaboration stream such as chemistry and communication between the streamers.

Streams must have an average view rate above 10 people (We validate this through third-party tools which takes average viewers per channel overall).

Streams do not have to be family friendly as such, though streams that we consider to be counterproductive to positive community development will not qualify.

Streams that do not feature active gameplay (AFK streaming) will not qualify

Streams where the avatar stands around while the host uses the time to simply talk for an hour will not qualify

NI/AG Gameplay must be the main focus of the stream, for example, playing another game or other activity with EU in a small window in stream does not qualify

Streams must take place on NI/AG

Streams must enable the “Automatically save broadcasts for up to 7 days(60days for partners, Turbo and Prime Users)”. - Note that you will have to submit your link in time for us to be able to view it or it may be disqualified(Best to post immediately after the stream)

Streams must include the streamer talking about what they are doing and interacting with the viewers

Monetizing your viewers by giving money for watching will disqualify you from the CRP for the entire 2023 program

Tag your stream with #NextIsland and #CRP

Include a media link on your stream as supplied in the media kit

Dual streaming is not allowed. You are not fully engaging your viewers if you are spreading content over 2 platforms simultaneously.

Preference is given to streams on Twitch but it is not the only option.


Engaging content - 2

Overall impression - 2

Audio visual quality - 2

Scoring is per hr

For colab streams points will apply to both


We are looking into twitch drops and the option to develop and use this feature for future CRP events. So while you may feel streamers received no real revamp this year, exciting things are being worked on for you guys we are just running out of time to get it all organized and in place.

Evaluation of Streams


1.Engagement: A good gaming streamer will engage with their audience by reading and responding to comments, creating a community through chat and social media, and interacting with viewers during gameplay.

2.Quality of content: A good gaming streamer will provide high-quality content that is entertaining, informative, and engaging. They may use interesting graphics, sound effects, and animations to enhance their content.

3.Skill level: A good gaming streamer will have a high level of skill in the games they play. They will be able to provide useful insights and strategies to their audience, making the content informative and valuable.

4.Consistency: A good gaming streamer will be consistent in their streaming schedule and content. This means that they stream regularly and provide a predictable schedule for their viewers to follow.

5.Originality: A good gaming streamer will have their own unique style and personality that sets them apart from other streamers. They will not just copy what other streamers are doing but will bring their own ideas and creative content to the table.

6.Entertainment value: A good gaming streamer will provide entertainment value to their viewers through their personality, humor, and interaction with the audience.

7.Production quality: A good gaming streamer will have high production values for their streams, including good lighting, clear audio, and high-quality video. They may use multiple camera angles or graphics to enhance the viewing experience.

8.Community building: A good gaming streamer will create a sense of community among their viewers by fostering a positive environment where people feel comfortable and welcome.

9.By considering these points, you can evaluate a gaming streamer’s content and determine whether they are a good streamer who puts in real effort or just talking nonsense and streaming boring or poor content.

Colab Streaming

Additional to the streaming points listed above

1.Communication: Communication is key in a collaboration, especially when two or more streamers are working together. Evaluate whether the streamers are communicating effectively during the stream, such as giving each other space to speak and not talking over one another.

2.Teamwork: In a collaboration, it is important to work together towards a common goal. Evaluate whether the streamers are cooperating with each other and taking turns to play the game or provide commentary.

3.Chemistry: The chemistry between the two streamers can make or break a collaboration. Evaluate whether the streamers have a good rapport and seem to enjoy working together, making the stream enjoyable to watch.

4.Division of roles: When two or more streamers collaborate, they may take on different roles to make the stream more interesting. Evaluate whether the streamers have divided their roles in a way that makes sense and complements each other’s strengths.

5.Creativity: Collaboration between two streamers can bring new ideas and perspectives to the stream. Evaluate whether the streamers have come up with creative ideas that are unique to their collaboration.

6.Entertainment value: As with a single streamer, entertainment value is crucial in a collaboration. Evaluate whether the collaboration provides entertainment value to the viewers, such as through humor or engaging commentary.

7.Technical aspects: Technical aspects of a stream such as audio and video quality can be more challenging in a collaboration. Evaluate whether the streamers have addressed these challenges and provided a high-quality stream.

8.Engagement with audience: Collaboration can provide a unique opportunity for engagement with the audience, with multiple streamers interacting with viewers. Evaluate whether the streamers are effectively engaging with their audience, such as responding to comments or incorporating viewer suggestions.

Even if your not a streamer, here those taking part you can follow and watch to help out

Penelope Penny Lane

Din Dindom Dindazzle

Bob Quasher Bobby

Dark Kacu Knight

Register at:
CRP23 Registration Thread
Submit your streams after you have done them on the reward redemption thread:



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