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We have Shops! Recently Next Island put their property deeds on the auction house which means we now have a thriving shopping districts to add to those who already owned properties.

(shop deeds change hand frequently I will do my best to keep these up-to-date)

Last updated on: 31/1/2024

Shopping Districts & Estates

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Carnival Island

Shopping District


Shopping District 1: Auberon Night Night

/wp [Next Island, 132303, 84043, 101, NeverNight]


Shopping District 2: Elric Amadeus Bent 

/wp [Next Island, 132357, 84028, 102, Waypoint]

Shopping District 3: Elric Amadeus Bent

/wp [Next Island, 132351, 84007, 102, Waypoint]

Shopping District 4: Traveler Livie T3569

/wp [Next Island, 132285, 83982, 101, Waypoint]

Shopping District 5: Brianna Bri Vision

/wp [Next Island, 132264, 83986, 101, Waypoint]

Tree Estates 

Crystal Lake Tree Estate A1: Rawr66 Rawr66 Rawr66

Crystal Lake Tree Estate A2: Auberon Night Night

Crystal Lake Tree Estate A3: Vidmantas Vill Laukys

Crystal Lake Tree Estate B1: icco ic Mars

Crystal Lake Tree Estate B2: Alya Alya Drarh

Crystal Lake Tree Estate B3: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling

Dev Lair

NextIsland Official Circe 

/wp [Next Island, 132136, 84820, 131, Waypoint]

crystal bay
Entropia 2021-07-09 13.13.43.png


Crystal Beach Lodge #1

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1A: Piekny Chudy Stanislaw 

/wp [Next Island, 136900, 83296, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1B: icco ic Mars

/wp [Next Island, 136880, 83272, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1C: Brianna Bri Vision

/wp [Next Island, 136926, 83231, 103, Waypoint]


Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1D: Isabella Is Marks

/wp [Next Island, 136951, 83260, 102, Isabella's Shop]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1E: DannyGo Danny BadukWeiqi

/wp [Next Island, 136950, 83217, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1F: NextIsland Official Manager

/wp [Next Island, 136977, 83227, 100, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 1G: Griffith White-Hawk Vandimion

/wp [Next Island, 136990, 83250, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Beach Lodge #2

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2A: Alya Alya Drarh 

/wp [Next Island, 137115, 83255, 101, Alya shop 1]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2B: Rugby Time Express 

/wp [Next Island, 137106, 83220, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2C: Rappa Spinks Furse

/wp [Next Island, 137165, 83202, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2D: Auberon Night Night

/wp [Next Island, 137176, 83240, 102, wp]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2E: Djinn Gunsel Le Clef

/ep [Next Island, 137192, 83201, 102, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2F: Alexius Magnus Comnenus

/wp [Next Island, 137213, 83221, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2G: Sphalx Hal Draken

/wp [Next Island, 137218, 83245, 102, Shopkeeper Pads]

Entropia 2021-06-28 21.08.03.png

Mountain Lodge

Crystal Resort Gift Shop: Bryan Drifter007 Fonseca

/wp [Next Island, 137277, 83200, 105, Gift Shop]

Crystal Resort Mountain Lodge 1A: icco ic Mars

/wp [Next Island, 137294, 83184, 103, Waypoint] 

Crystal Resort Mountain Lodge 1Ab: icco ic Mars

/wp [Next Island, 137312, 83167, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Mountain Lodge 1B: Lady Nadie Hawke (shopkeeper)

/wp [Next Island, 137333, 83157, 101, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Mountain Lodge 1C: Alya Alya Drarh

/wp [Next Island, 137385, 83125, 103, Waypoint]

Crystal Resort Fountain Shop: icco ic mars

/wp [Next Island, 137426, 83105, 106, Waypoint]

Shopping Districts: crystal peak
Entropia 2021-06-28 21.28.32.png




Crystal Peak Shop: Michael Mike Masters

/wp [Next Island, 136776, 83397, 176, Mikes Shop]

Crystal Peak Stall 1: Piekny Chudy Stanislaw

/wp [Next Island, 136814, 83362, 179, Chudy]

Crystal Peak Stall 2: John Desverger Desverger

/wp [Next Island, 136813, 83371, 183, Desverger's Stall]

Crystal Peak Stall 3: Crazy RatCat Beast

/wp [Next Island, 136791, 83389, 165, ratcat]

Crystal Peak Stall 4: Michael Mike Masters

/wp [Next Island, 136820, 83380, 184, Mikes Stall]

Crystal Peak Stall 5: Michael Mike Masters

/wp [Next Island, 136828, 83381, 184, Mikes Stall]

Crystal Peak Stall 6: Ace FireFist Williams

/wp [Next Island, 136835, 83381, 182, Firefist]

Crystal Peak Stall 7: Caimen Caimen Rochford

/wp [Next Island, 136795, 83473, 113, stall 7]


Crystal Peak Stall 8: Aurisk Morey Kenbi

/wp [Next Island, 136791, 83482, 113, wp]

 Crystal Peak Stall 9: Patrick Patrikan Habaton

/wp [Next Island, 136789, 83488, 112, Patrikans NI Loot Shop] 

Enchanted Village
Entropia 2021-07-09 13.30.11.png


Enchanted Trading Post 1

Owner: Ace FireFist Williams

/wp [Next Island, 125460, 93054, 162, Waypoint]

Enchanted Trading Post 2

Owner: Seventy 70 Was

/wp [Next Island, 125442, 93063, 162, Waypoint]

Enchanted Trading Post 3

Owner: Frettelsmane Semti Nebka

/wp [Next Island, 125385, 93058, 167, Waypoint]

Enchanted Trading Post 4

Owner: danka soul needue








Enchanted Trading Post 5

Owner: Judy Jetsina Summers

/wp [Next Island, 125331, 93085, 166, Waypoint]

The Enhanted Trading Post IV is open..[Next Island, 125388, 93101, 168, Waypoint] enjoy shopping or relax in the bongy garden...Hoplite Armor on site
Owner: danka soul needue
Entropia 2021-07-09 13.41.40.png


Serpentine Shop 1

Owner: Alya Alya Drarh

/wp [Next Island, 128015, 86697, 116, Alya's shop 2]

Serpentine Shop 2

Owner: Ace FireFist Williams

/wp [Next Island, 128036, 86617, 119, Fires Shop]

Serpentine Shop 3

Owner: Mike BeastClow Fed 

/wp [Next Island, 128086, 86619, 132, Beasst Department Store]

Serpentine Shop 4

Owner: icco ic Mars

/wp [Next Island, 128052, 86571, 133, Waypoint]

Serpentine Shop 5

Owner: Wyndi Wyndi Chelien

/wp [Next Island, 128099, 86525, 145, Wyndi]

Serpentine Shop 6

Owner: Petr Art Kongen

/wp [Next Island, 128018, 86515, 136, ArMatrix and Amp Shop]

Serpentine Shop 7

Owner: Eileko meisterbotscher undflohverseucht

/wp [Next Island, 128071, 86697, 129, Eileko]

AG estates
Entropia 2021-07-09 13.57.07.png


There are 6 player estates in AG Some have Shopkeepers on their lots. 

Agamemnion (Cylades)

/wp [Ancient Greece, 37859, 19416, 135, wp]

Owner: Jack Ace Kingsman

Menelausia (Abdera)

Owner: Alaina Bonnie Knight

/wp [Ancient Greece, 37705, 22432, 117, Waypoint]

Myrene (Pella)

Owner: Ricardo Rick Sanchez

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36322, 24120, 150, Waypoint]

Shopkeepers to be added

Patroclusia (Larissa)

Owner: Alya Alya Drarh

/wp [Ancient Greece, 34396, 22049, 431, Waypoint]

Heraion (Troezen)

Buzz Erik Lightyear

/wp [Ancient Greece, 35965, 19592, 135, Waypoint]

Leonidaion (Cyzicus)

Owner: Next Island Manager

/wp [Ancient Greece, 39720, 22524, 255, Waypoint]

AG Stalls
Entropia 2021-06-28 22.11.20.png


Thebes Market 1

Owner: Sarah SarahWatson Watson  



Thebes Market 2

Owner: \o/ My Stall Pollianna cat1000er Fairling

Thebes Market 3

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36218, 20271, 112, iccos Stall]

Owner: icco ic Mars

Thebes Market 4

Owner: Horas CooJoe ThumberKuckle

Gorgon Wave 1

Owner: Vidmantas Vill Laukys

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36620, 17369, 107, Vills Shop]

Gorgon Wave 2

Owner: Buzz Erik Lightyear

/wp [Ancient Greece, 36603, 17378, 107, The Gorgon Grind]

Gorgon Wave 3

Owner: Crazy RatCat Beast

[Ancient Greece, 36626, 17386, 107, wp]

Gorgon Wave 4

Owner: WellPlayed Cod4 WellPlayed

[Ancient Greece, 36633, 17384, 107, Cod4 Gorgon Stall]

Moloch Gate 1 

Owner: Avalon Butterfly Erupter

/wp [Ancient Greece, 38512, 22439, 242, Avalons stall]

Moloch Gate 2

Owner: Ignacio ElMojado Verga

/wp [Ancient Greece, 38524, 22441, 241, Waypoint]

Moloch Gate 3 

Owner: WellPlayed Cod4 WellPlayed

/wp [Ancient Greece, 38531, 22433, 240, Cod4 Moloch Stall]

Moloch Gate 4

Owner: Giovani BloodStalker Rodrigues

/wp [Ancient Greece, 38519, 22430, 241, Waypoint]

Entropia 2024-01-31 14.36.03.jpg

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Cats Market Stall

Looking for something?
Come check out Cats Market Stall 

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Or feel free to shop anyways and support a hungry cat

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Watson's Wares
Guns, Chips, Pills and More!
Come check out Watson's Wares 
Owner: Sarah SarahWatson Watson 
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Local Loot Market
Need a new set of Gorgon or Plates?
Or looking to upgrade?
Come on down to Local Loot and 
grab a set!
Horas CooJoe ThumberKnuckle
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