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Next Island/Ancient Greece Pets


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Taming can be done if the right things are met.

One you have a whip

Two the mob has a heart above its name.  

Three you have the right level for the mob you're taming

(you can check on this page: WIKI Pets. As well as the mobs heart with have a X in it if you are not the right level.)

To start taming you must first equipt your whip. Once you use it on the mob you will notice two bars. Spirit and Respect.

In order to attempt to tame you must first raise its Respect and lower its Spirit.

Keep and eye on its health, it can die. Once you notice its health is dropping too low you can stop to wait for it to heal. 

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Lofven Papoo

Lofven Papoo can be found near Crystal Bay and down the stairs (through the pretty crystal cave) at Crystal Peak. 

You only need the smallest whip Dominax Original Garter (L) to tame these. 



L.A.R.A.'s can be found near Paradise Landing:

/wp [Next Island, 135707, 83948, 286, lara pens] 

To spawn a tameable one you need to kill 15 L.A.R.A. 

This pet has little health and can be taken down with a tt pistol. But this also makes it complicated to tame as even with the smallest whip, Dominax Original Garter (L), in the game its health can drop quickly and regeneration is slow on L.A.R.A.'s

To gain access to the Asclarias, you must hand over 20 UNSPAWNED L.A.R.A.'s.

See Asclarias for more details. 



C.A.R.A. will only spawn after you have killed enough C.A.R.E. mobs (possible around 1-5k mobs. Exact number I don't know). C.A.R.E. and C.A.R.A. Sometimes get confused. C.A.R.E. are NOT tameable. Only ONE C.A.R.A will spawn across the map, meaning that once it spawns you have to try find it. Which can be difficult as it wont announce that it has spawned. 

C.A.R.A is a lvl 21 mob.

As for taming, I have heard it is easy to tame with the right whip, but further than that I need more information.




Asclarias, this pet can ONLY be tamed in the colosseum. This is a separate instance.
To gain access to the colosseum you must take on the mission from Perik in Orpheus' Cave, AG side. This involves killing Arges, Myrinians and Brontes. You only have to kill one type not all of them, this means lower lvl players can opt to kill Arges (the lowest lvl mob, can be found near Thebes). this mission can be found under DAILY'S

When hand over the L.A.R.A make sure they are UNSPAWNED, meaning they will be at 50% mood, 10% affection, DO NOT feed. This is a bug at the moment. Not sure if it will always be like that.  You must then go to Zeus and let him kill you, this will charge the Asclarias Powercore

The mob itself is lvl 43 and hits hard. Make sure you have good armor/healing and also a good whip, Recommended is the Dominax Original Boiga, Adjusted or Slightly Lower.
BE FULLY PREPARED before entering as you will get only 1 chance a day.
If you kill or fail to tame it, you have to redo the mission. The intance DOES RESET and once you have used your powercore it will be gone.  

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