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VU 17.6.0 Next Island Release Notes:

Corrections and Fixes

- Mission Galactica necessary loot items have been added to certain mobs. This is currently under somewhat of a test phase, and ideally will be expanded to more mobs later
- Adjustments have been made to the various crystals that drop including drop rate, which mobs they drop from, and how many crystals one mob will drop
- The skyripper stats have been adjusted, as per last VU, and the skyripper mission(s) will be turned back on shortly after the VU is live
- Quest items for the Medusa quests have been made to not be TT-able
- Zeus and the Gorgon’s have new/repaired particle effects around them, although this is still a work in progress as we adjust to the Directx11 update
- Centaur attack range has been increased. This should combat the issue of the avatar being stuck inside of the model
- Adjustments have been made to the Gorgon Wave event area to ease the process of launching a wave
- Adjustments to the drop rate of various loot items, including all fangs, scales, drakescales, armors, and other things has been made, hopefully making some of these somewhat more likely to drop
- Great white shark spawns have been improved to help them not get stuck unreachable as often. This is a work in progress
- Completion of a Serpent Scale armor plate or Gorgon armor piece will now result in the appropriate rare item hof
- All terminals have, where possible, been moved to allow easy reach for crafting avatars
- Tiki huts with a second floor have been fixed so a player no longer falls through the floor
- The Orpheus Cave mislocation teleport bug has hopefully been resolved. This is still a work in progress
- Miranda/Kylon/Elysian tech chips should stack properly now
- The lava in the Vulcan drake volcano area is now less bright and obtrusive
- An Auctioneer has been placed at the Gorgon Wave area
- Chef clothing is now properly customizable
- Chef’s pan now places correctly
- Terrain issues have been fixed on NI
- Screecher maturity at Crystal Peak has been increased to allow for better sweat experience
- Turrets will now kill Enslaved Daudaormur outside the Gorgon Event area
- Some spelling errors throughout the planet have been fixed
- L armor plate crafting cost has been adjusted down

Additions and Improvements

- Player written lore has been gratefully added to the Next Island Forum site
- All crystals on Next Island and Ancient Greece can now be unrefined. This will allow for some more flexibility when sorting one’s loot for crafting purposes
- Crystal Peak has undergone some changes. There are now several stalls and a shop located near the teleport, which will be offered for sale soon
- Several small new quests with useful rewards have been added. Hunt around to find and complete them
A new skyripper variant and subsequent quest to obtain it has been launched
- There is a new dedication statue at Paradise Landing. Hmmm...what could this be about?
- An area of effect sweat healing area has been added at the base of the Crystal Peak Televator

New Content

We are happy and delighted to introduce a new armor, Ascension. This armor has been designed as the primary reward mechanism for the launch of our new initiative, the Next Island Community Recognition Program. This program will run for a probationary period, from March 2nd 2021 to October 2nd 2021. Through a variety of contributions and dedication, players CAN be awarded one piece of this armor set per month, allowing for a full set to be obtained during our test/probationary period. The armor is not account bound, and is thus tradeable.

You can view the armor below, and details concerning exactly what must be done to earn it will be posted here on the Next Island Forum and on our Facebook page in the next few days. We look forward to seeing players traipsing around Next Island and Ancient Greece in this gorgeous armor soon!

"Socrates, NI Community Manager and Dev. "

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