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VU 17.5.0 Next Island Release Notes:

1 December 2020 at 12:00:00

Corrections and Fixed Issues

- Adjustments have been made to the Enslaved Daudaormurs. They should now be easier to target
- UL Daudaormur texture blueprints restored to those players who lost them when we converted them to L
- Improved drop rate of Phenacite crystal
- Fixed an issue where Boar heart, tusk, hooves, head, and tail shows as a red X in player inventory
- Fixed an issue where players got stuck underneath the Orpheus Cave TP
- Fixed a spelling error in the Sorensen’s Stone mining missions
- Revive point moved in Vulcan’s Pass to help prevent players getting stuck there
- Fixed an issue where the war axe was classified as a powerfist
- Fixed an issue where the short blades in Ancient Greece were classified as powerfist
- Fixed an issue with a mislabeled Time Travel Crystal Blueprint
- Fixed an issue with the water in the Gorgon Wave area
- Made some cosmetic changes to all Shark spawn areas to improve general feel and look
- Added some components (Elysian Tech Chips) to loot in order to make some blueprint crafting more accessible
- Fixed an issue where players were receiving pixie armor instead of Atlas armor when completing Next Island’s Discipleship
- Fixed some spelling and grammar errors in the Gorgon missions
- Crafting terminal added to Enchanted Village TP area
- Adjusted the Bustamite Forest area, hopefully reducing lag issues
- Chimera hides now drop, helping with some crafting/mission needs
- Ad screens are now functional in both Next Island and Ancient Greece
- Turret added into Ancient Greece to prevent a farming bug
- Spelling corrections made in various places concerning the name “Asclarias”
- Fixed an issue where the TT pistol was not counting toward a daily hunting mission
- Vanguard Enslaved Daudaormur damage has been adjusted to be commensurate with other Enslaved Daudaormurs. You may now stop running from them.
- Fixed an issue with the Block Chisel blueprint
- Fixed an issue where the TT scanner was floating
- Drop rates for several crystals, Papoo Tooth and Dark Lysterium have been adjusted

New Content

- Added several new spawns of Myrinians to accommodate hunting needs
- Added a new mid-high level Portal Guardian Spawn west of Oasis Outlook
- A new daily mission hunting C.A.R.E./Portal Guardians. Does require the above quest to be completed.
- A new daily missions involving the various drake species
- A new daily mission at Crystal Beach (new player area). Go south from the Paradise Landing TP and speak with Jamie the Chef
- A new series of clothing inspired by the Resa faction, complete with blueprints
- The Codex has finally come to Next Island! Hunt and be rewarded with massive skill gains!
- The Next Island Twitch channel has launched, providing content and promoting Next Island streamers. Come watch and join the chat!
Reward options from the Multi-faction daily have been reworked to include the new Resa clothes blueprints:

Crafting: Stel Brigand Facemask/Resa Nomad Leggings/Haruspex Belfry Hat(C)/Haruspex Sleek Pants(M,C)/Haruspex Voodoo Boots(M,C)
Hunting: Stel Brigand Shirt/Stel Brigand Trousers/Resa Nomad Headwraps/Haruspex Forest Corset(F,C)/Haruspex Voodoo Bracers(F,C)
Mining: Classic Greek Dress(F)/Classic Greek Shoes(F)/Haruspex Voodoo Bracers(F)/Haruspex Sprite Leggings(F)/Haruspex Voodoo Vest(M)
Crafting: Resa Nomad Shirt/Resa Nomad Handwraps/Resa Nomad Footwraps/Daudaormur Texture/Gorgon Texture
Hunting: Rinoa Bikini(F)/Mankini(M)/Haruspex Forest Corset(F)/Haruspex Voodoo Bracers(F)/Haruspex Voodoo Vest(M)
Mining: Haruspex Belfry Hat/Stel Brigand Footwear/Haruspex Sleek Pants(M,C)/Haruspex Voodoo Boots(M,C)/Haruspex Sprite Leggings(F,C)
Crafting: Rinoa Bikini(F)/Mankini(M)/Stel Brigand Gloves/Haruspex Forest Corset(F)/Haruspex Sleek Pants(M,C)
Hunting: Resa Nomad Shirt/Resa Nomad Handwraps/Resa Nomad Footwraps/Daudaormur Texture/Gorgon Texture
Mining: Stel Brigand Footwear/Haruspex Voodoo Boots(M)/Haruspex Sleek Pants(M)/Haruspex Belfry Hat/Haruspex Sprite Leggings(F,C)
Crafting: Haruspex Voodoo Bracers(F,C)/Stel Brigand Trousers/Haruspex Belfry Hat(C)/Haruspex Voodoo Vest(M,C)/Haruspex Voodoo Boots(M,C)
Hunting: Resa Nomad Shirt/Resa Nomad Handwraps/Resa Nomad Footwraps/Daudaormur Texture/Gorgon Texture
Mining: Haruspex Forest Corset(F)/Haruspex Voodoo Boots(M)/Haruspex Belfry Hat/Haruspex Voodoo Vest(M)/Haruspex Sleek Pants(M)
Crafting: Resa Noman Headwraps/Classic Greek Dress(F)/Haruspex Forest Corset(F,C)/Haruspex Belfry Hat(C)/Haruspex Sprite Leggings(F,C)
Hunting: Resa Nomad Leggings/Classic Greek Dress(F)/Stel Brigand Facemask/Haruspex Sprite Leggings(F)/Haruspex Voodoo Vest(M,C)
Mining: Resa Nomad Headwraps/Stel Brigand Shirt/Stel Brigand Gloves/Haruspex Sprite Leggings(F)/Haruspex Sleek Pants(M)
Crafting: Haruspex Forest Corset (F,C)/Stel Brigand Footwear/Stel Brigand Shirt/Stel Brigand Facemask/Classic Greek Shoes (F)
Hunting: Stel Brigand Gloves/Classic Greek Shoes(F)/Resa Nomad Leggings/Haruspex Voodoo Bracers (F,C)/Haruspex Voodoo Vest (M,C)
Mining: Rinoa Bikini (F)/Mankini(M)/Stel Brigand Trousers/Haruspex Voodoo Bracers (F)/Haruspex Voodoo Boots (M)

Socrates, NI Community Manager and Dev.

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