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Shopping district

Shopping district


Here you will find the clothing, costume and furniture shop where you can trade 7 Gold Carnival Tickets for one 5 click bp at either the costume/clothes or furniture npc. You can do all three missions (21 Gold Carnival Tickets) and the missions reset (need to fully check this so don't take my words as the truth) every 20 hours. (most missions on ni reset after 20 hours)

Missions that can be found here

Clothes Shopping
Costume Shopping
Furniture Shopping


Hand over 7 Gold Carnival Tickets to Cree (Clothing) and/or Letitia (Costumes) and/or Svea (Furniture)


5 Clicks of one of these bp's

[Jungle Raincoat (C) Blueprint (L)]
[Island Wellies (C) Blueprint (L)]
[Jungle Hat (C) Blueprint (L)]
[Tropical Bra (F) Blueprint (L)]
[Island Bowtie (M) Blueprint (L)]

[Minotaur Horns Blueprint (L)]
[Cyclops Mask Blueprint (L)]
[Boar Tusks Blueprint (L)]
[Pegleg Blueprint (L)]

Beach Chair Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Custom Blueprint (L)
Beach Umbrella Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Custom Blueprint (L)
Beach Table Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Blueprint (L)
Iron Fence Blueprint (L)
Picket Fence Blueprint (L)
Broken Iron Fence Blueprint (L)
Broken Picket Fence Blueprint (L)

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