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VU 17.18 and patch notes

22 Nov 2022


-RESA vip
-Crossover mission with Cyrene
-new event area in AG
-New furniture shop
-New missions on carnival
-New instance
-New shops and tree estate

The Carnival Island has the following news:

A furniture shop.
A slightly harder daily race on the Rollercoaster track.
A daily bonus quest where you can get a hunting mission.
A new instance called White Wastelands with Snow Drake Stalkers and more dense spawns of Portal Guardians, all maturities. Fee 1 silver ticket.
A holiday quest that will unlock around a certain time.
Small empty estates (Crystal Lake, new flowerport added) and shop plots (Shopping District) on Carnival Island will be put on auction the day after release day, assuming all goes as intended.
At the Wet Circle there is a small collecting mission if you click the automated sweat bottle.
A spawn of Adaptable Brown Papoos have been added behind the Zoo.
Jarassis (Female Screecher) and Jaws (Island Shark) have been spotted in Hero’s Folly.

Added terminals in the caravan behind May at Tanzanite.
The “oil rig” may or may not work in the future, but there might be other ways to get your hands on broken tech chips. Or feet…
The fee for Hero’s Folly is now set to 1 silver ticket.
The Reaper (Harvesting Tool) now has 22 uses per minute instead of the previous 19.
“Clothes and Costumes Shops” flowerport is renamed to “Shopping District”.
The Snowball Guns now have an auction category.
Madame cookie had one weird “fortune” that is now less weird.
The event terminals for both event areas are now located at Thebes Market.
Removed extra aggro on Giant Ghostly Screechers in Hero’s Folly.
Crystal Hoarder rewards are down by 20% but Hematite and Sodalite have been replaced with Bloodstone and Purpurite.
Removal of most of the grass to test the “objects” performance on high settings.
The long river near the Enchanted area now has water in it again.
Increased density of Wild Boars at Mushroom Marsh.
Arthur has moved slightly so he can be seen better.
PvP4 in Ancient Greece is now without radar.

Patch Notes: 17.18

Greetings all,

A few changes and fixes below have been implemented following the latest VU based on the bug reports and feedback from the community. As always, should you spot any issues or bugs, please report them via the Forum or Discord. Thank you.

Changes and Fixes:

The Beach Chair (C) and Beach Umbrella (C) can now be properly customized.
The BP name regarding the same items have been updated and the description on all new BPs have been adjusted to remove the L.
The (Decorative) statues in the Gorgon Wave area have been temporarily removed.
The daily Sweat quest has a better description making it more clear it’s not bottles collected that counts, but rather the number of successes.
The Bumpercars do not have an attachment slot anymore.
The new race on the rollercoaster now costs 1 silver ticket instead of 4 bronze.
White Wastelands now has a turret and the Portal Guardian spawns are a little bit more dense.
Revive added to Sparta.

Socrates, NI Community Manager and Dev.

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