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NEO Training


First find the out of place item on the table


Helpful waypoints


/wo [Next Island, 137630, 96128, 127, Cave]

/wp [Next Island, 132308, 95598, 611, Find a guard to help]

/wp [Next Island, 132223, 93082, 168, Joan at Hillside Hideout]  

/wp [Next Island, 134811, 93399, 362, Tree Stump]

Next Island, 135332, 93244, 392 Item between winter and spring

Entropia 2023-10-21 13.14.20.jpg

Mission Starts at Sypherton Gardens find Overseer Alice

Expand For Spoiler! The shoe behind the guitar.

Easy Way



Kill a Snow Drake

Can be done in team



Crystalline Core Blueprint  


For those that shot in a team that have this stage of the mission active they will get the bp.

Blueprint is ONE PER ACCOUNT


Hard Way



 Kill a Storm Drake


If you want to team you have to do over 50% of the damage to gain the reward



Crystalline Core Blueprint, plus a couple of clicks worth of materials for the Blueprint. 

Note: Blueprint is ONE PER ACCOUNT

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