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Old News

VU 17.6.0 Next Island Release Notes:

-Stel V.I.P is BACK!!! Pick this mission up from Gert at Oasis Outlook.
-You can now turn crystals back to their raw form
-New armour added, Ascension
-3 New Stalls at Crystal Peak Teleport. With three new owners, I'll like to Officially welcome you all ^^
So far I have found 2 NEW MISSION!!!
-Crystal Hoarder Daily, this mission can be found at Kamba Outpost, in the marquee.
-Magical Flower Bonus Mission. YOU MUST COMPLETE, Magical Flowers Mission first!!! This can be taken from Frederick at Tanzanite Outlook.
-There is also a new healing station at Crystal Peak by the revive at the bottom along with one at Paradise Landing.

"Socrates, NI Community Manager and Dev. "

VU 17.5.0 Next Island Release Notes:

1 Dec 2020

New Daily missions
- A new daily mission hunting C.A.R.E./Portal Guardians. Does require the above quest to be completed.
- A new daily missions involving the various drake species
- A new daily mission at Crystal Beach (new player area). Go south from the Paradise Landing TP and speak with Jamie the Chef

Resa Clothing set with blueprints added

Socrates, NI Community Manager and Dev.

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