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Officially Supported by Next Island

This website was created for those who play Entropia Universe that would like to know more about Next Island. I can't guarantee that all the information is correct or up to date as things are changing all the time. But I will do my best to keep it up to date. I am by no means a top end player, only a low level hunter and crafter. But I love figuring things out and learning new things, so here is a place I will try to share what I have learnt for others. Anything you feel I have missed or done poorly, or anything you feel needs more information do not hesitate to ask me in game 

IGN: Pollianna cat1000er Fairling. 

Next Island Channel /join #nextisland
Next Island Trade Channel /join #nitrade


Latest News

VU 17.15

31 May 2022, 08:26:00

A New VIP area was added, N.E.O. VIP can be found at Sypherton Gardens
4 new Weekly Missions (3 of them require the NEO vip)
Harvestable trees were added!!! with new harvesting tools.
Limited versions of the gorgon armour and Titan armour were added
Orion, a crashed ship has landed near Shoreline Flats.
A Sunken Gallery was added near Paradise Landing

17.12 VU and patch notes

30 November 2021, 00:00:00

-A new Loyalist V.I.P. house
-The crafting daily will offer new BPs as rewards, 5 clicks each
-The PVP area in Ancient Greece has been reworked
-The centaur hunting area east of the Gorgon Wave has been reworked
-Micro-estates have been added to the Shepherd’s beach area
-All AG Hero estates now have a service center
-A small gift for a certain Cat has been created

VU 17.8.0

1 June 2021, 21:00:00

2 New instances Moloch and Magical Forest
More Zeus
Buff for the Player that starts the gorgon waves
New Stalls


Special Events

Some will happen on Next Island and some on other planets I will try to gather information but I cant guarantee I will cover all planets.

No Events planned atm

Set Events

Next Island Set Events

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Sweating Support Initiative happens Daily come rain or shine.

Hosted by B.I.G Industries they provide players under 41 agility the opportunity to sell 1k sweat for 2.5 ped.

(maximum of 10 players can sell 1k only

21.00-22.00 Weekdays

15.00-16.00 Weekends


/wp [Next Island, 136868, 83416, 106, Crystal Peak Teleport]

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This event happens every Sunday. 6 Hunters are chosen at random and given a gun and free ammo for the hunt. Times are subject to change. This hunt is for fun and skills, so no complaining about bad loot.

To register follow this discord link: PFEU or contact the host in game.

For more information visit PFEU Team Hunt

Registration time usually at 17.30 MA (in game time) subject to change.


B.I.G Industry's also offers a free SUNDAY warp 1 hour after SSI, you can either stop at Arkadia or Calypso. This is a one way trip each weekend. There is a return trip that runs from Calypso and Arkadia, but you CANNOT return the same day. NO Lootable's allowed 
17.00 (usually leaves Next Island at 17.15.)
YOU MUST BE IN  TEAM before 16.45

Toulan Monthly Hunt Schedule can be found here: Toulan Monthly Hunt

Next Weekend Event will start on:

24th September 19.00 Game Time 


26th September Midnight Game Time